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My Insights on Project Management for WordPress Consultants

Overview of Project Management Needs for WordPress Consultants

Maybe you are a sole operation who does web design, WordPress development, or SEO as a freelancer. Or maybe you have a small team of 1099 sub contactors that work with you. Either way, maybe you feel that you are too small to worry about project management?

After many years of work in these industries I am convinced of the need for strong project management skills, even when I am working by myself. Having a strong system of processes and procedures in place can cut down on wasted time and make you are far more productive developer, SEO, or even a better designer.

Several years ago I did some pretty neat customizations to some WordPress projects. I was pretty excited with my progress and had known more PHP then anyone else at my previous job. I thought myself quite the budding developer. Then I began working with a new company and was quickly told that my skills were more in the project management side of things then they were in WordPress development.

I was a bit offended at first. I had already proven myself to be better then a lot of other people in the industry. But eventually I realized that while I was a capable developer, I was a great project manager. As the oldest in a large family I have been running projects and leading a team since I was a small child. I love identifying people’s strengths and weaknesses and puting them in the best position to maximize their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

WordPress Project Management Highlights

Managed a project to rebuild a WooCommerce website that had approximately 500,000 products, a custom product importer, and Elasticsearch. 

Managed a project to rebuild a large ecommerce store with an integration to the client’s custom CRM. 

Developed guidelines for WordPress development and WordPress SEO project documentation. As well the procedural documentation, for two different companies.

My Writing on Project Management