Grand Rapids Digital Marketing Specialist John Wierenga

Grand Rapids Digital Marketing Specialist John Wierenga

My name is John Wierenga and I work in digital marketing. This website is partly to meet new and connect better with my existing: web design, WordPress development, search engine optimization, and project management clients.

Honestly this website is also partly just because there are a lot of John Wierenga’s in the West Michigan area and I want to be the #1 on Google.

But mostly this website is just here because I am a believer in the protege method of teaching. I love to learn but I tend to get excited by the possibilities of something and jump from big idea to big idea without fully fleshing out the basics. So this website is a way for me to refine my knowledge and get a solid foundation in the basic principles by teaching others.

What does John Wierenga do?

Professional portrait of John Wierenga

Right now I primarily, sell, develop and manage WordPress websites and the search engine optimization (SEO) of WordPress websites for SCS Grand Rapids.

As I mentioned above I am a big believer in learning through teaching. Currently I am studying Python as it’s often used for SEO purposes and am also studying for my PMP Certification. Don’t really have time, but I would love to work on video editing and YouTube marketing as well.

Read more about what I have done in the past on my About John Wierenga page.