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John Wierenga

My name is John Wierenga and I work in digital marketing. Most of my experience has been with start up digital marketing companies. Helping put together search engine optimization (SEO), web design and development processes and procedures. Mostly concentrating on a client base of small businesses using WordPress and primarily but not exclusively located in the Grand Rapids MI area.

I’ve always loved sharing information about what I do. However, there are a lot of people out there that can share tips and tricks. But without structure then random bits of advice are useless. I want to be someone who is known for offering concrete processes and procedures for web development and search engine optimization problems.

John Wierenga

Experiences in Digital Marketing:

I love tweaking procedures and finding better ways to do things. I have often worked at small start up web design/digital marketing firms. Some highlights:

Starting as a freelancer for a guy who worked from home with steady stream of 1099’s and ending up being the first full time employee in company history as moved into a real office and expanded team. Even after I left many of my tools and processes were used in their WordPress projects.

After that I did some more freelance work for a guy and his overseas developer and ended up working in project management and being there for a merger with another small firm.

Next I headed up my own startup going from couple of people doing web design and WordPress development on the side to actually being a real LLC with several freelancers contributing and even a couple of interns.

Eventually this startup experience lead to me being brought into an IT company that wanted to boost there web development and SEO services. They needed someone who could help put together a solid foundation for the way they marketed, estimated, sold, developed, managed, and supported website projects. A lot of the ways they did these tasks in the past had to be totally re-built. But in short order we were doing projects twice as good in less then half the time.

Professional Expertise in:

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Project Management

I enjoy reading the PMBOK and studying project management. I also have an interest in web design, a degree in web development, and experience in SEO, plus a love for big picture thinking which all comes together to make me an especially good project manager for new website projects….

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Search Engine Optimization

I started doing search engine optimization (SEO) many years ago, promoting my own websites. After being out of the game for awhile I had some highly successfully SEO projects for a few small business. I then took on a role with very little SEO for a few years before…

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WordPress Development

At this point in my career I’m more focused on building teams that include designers, developers, search engine optimization specialists, and social media experts, and making sure that they all work together for a commo goal, then I am in getting hands on with website development. But with my experience…

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